Sheet metal bending brake machines are some of the most common machines used in metalwork industry. They are used to bend metals as their primary function. The machines can serve several other functions. Some of the additional functions include: creating boxes, pans, hemming, flattening hems, bending zig-zags, to name a few.

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Bending a sheet of metal into a box has to be done with precision. The sides where the sheet has to be bent have to be marked with soapstone for example. After distances are measured, the sheet of metal has to be placed parallel to the clamping bar. Sheet metal brake machine can start metal bending and cutting the corners in order to create the walls of the box. If everything is marked correctly, there should be a square in the middle of the sheet of metal. Once the clamp handles have been pulled down on each end, the sheet can be bent. If making a box, it is usually done at 90 degrees. This is to be done for all sides.

Hemming is another useful function the sheet metal brake machine can do. Preforming hemming on a sheet of metal can be done in more than one way. It should be bent to 135 degrees. Afterward, the hem can be flattened. This can be done by flattening it against the clamping bar by using the apron. It is possible to flatten the sheet against the clamping bar if it is thin enough.


Depending on the need for the job at hand there are several adjustments to consider. Some of them are metal thickness, double bends, counterbalance, overbending adjustment, creeping top leaf adjustments, capacity, and narrow offset bends.

Metal thickness has to be considered because the metal piece can be of different thickness, strength, material composition. In order to know where to bend, everything needs to be taken into account.

Double bends can be added if faces of metal sheet are parallel. They can be created in a single operation. In order to do this, the design has to be incorporated into the process.

Counterbalance can be adjusted by raising and lowering on the rod.

Overbending adjustment is important as a sheet can bend on one side more than on the other. The top leaf can be set back to solve the problem. Overbending can be done on purpose. If a stock has over-bent at the bottom. This is done to compensate for the sprinback.

Creeping top leaf adjustments needs to be done so that screws do not move back and forth. In order to check this, you should make sure that the top adjustments screw collars are locked into position.

Capacity can be determined by the bending edge thickness. Different machines have different capacity for metal bending. They should be listed by the manufacturer.

Narrow offset bends can sometimes be too close to each other. A proper type of tooling can produce the desired results.

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How to decide what metal bending tools you will need?

This is the most important question when determining what your business needs. You should consider what your company’s primary job is. You also need to consider what it that your company is lacking at the moment is. What area of work you could improve.

Depending on that decision, there are several options for what sheet metal brake machine you should use.

Kaka Industrial W1.2×610 24-Inch Sheet Metal Hand Brake

Manufactured by Kaka Industrial. The model W1.2×610 sheet metal brake has a metal bending capacity of 24-inch. Along with 18 gauge mild steel thickness. It uses heavy-duty clamping and the handles are 8-1/2 inch long. It is a simple and easy to use the machine. Able to be placed on most surfaces you might find in your workshop, or in the factory. W1.2×610 sheet is a fine tool, recommended for environments where you will need a sturdy equipment able to resist harm.

If you are working in a more relaxed environment and do not have a need for a machine that can survive hits, you might be opened to something more high tech. Schechtl MBM is manufactured by MetalForming inc. The model is one of the most reliable out there. The price is lower than that of the competition. It has a programmable CNC swivel control and can store up to 200 different profiles. The display where the commands are typed is 7.5″, it is also in color. The best thing about Schechtl MBM is the fact that it only requires one person to operate it.

30″ Combination 3 in 1 Sheet Metal Machine – BRAKES AND PRESSES | SBR3020

A large 30″ brake machine. A simple machine for low production. It works slowly, but it will not need a lot of maintenance. For its size, it takes little space in the factory. What you will appreciate about SBR 3020 is that it combines three in one. Metal shear, press brake and slip roll. It will add to its adaptability and usability. As well as to its versatility and cost. You may not have to buy several machines to fulfill different purposes. Thanks to this it is ideal for small factories, construction companies, or for workshops of any kind.

Model 15/12 Press Brake

Model 15/12 Press Brake has the largest metal bending capacity of all the machines listed. The size of the machine makes it not suitable for small factories, or construction companies. It will work with most metal used in construction. The press is hydraulic. It is also a simple to use four in one machine. It is capable of performing full-length ducts, gravel stops, standing lock seams, flashing and hemming operations. It has a powerful 5 horsepower motor. Metal bending capacity is 7/8″. What makes it reliable is the automatic protection against jamming, over-load. It works even against human factor like operator neglect for example. In case you are dealing in the environment where power outage can be expected, you should know that the Model 15/12 has fail-safe design automatically returns ram To “UP” position. This all makes it one of the best machines for a large factory.

Sheet metal brake machines are used in all types of metalwork. They are needed whenever there is a need for metal construction. They can serve several different functions, depending on the size of the factory, a construction company, or a workshop. Depending on available funds they can be highly advanced or rudimentary.