Rosh Metal provided the materials and also erected structural steel structure for a Canada Trust TD branch building which now stands complete and operational at the intersection of the Granville Avenue and No. 3 Road in Richmond BC. The said building is a project of a free-standing one-storey building constructed in accordance with our client’s wishes. Single-storey buildings of this type are a popular choice in the industry, regardless of the fact whether they are intended for industrial or commercial use (as in a case of TD bank building). Single-storey steel structures are fast and inexpensive structural solutions for clients aiming for sustainability, safety in exceptional and extreme cases, and overall easy maintenance. Another positive of these types of structures is that the budget really changes in the project phase as fluctuations in the prices of steel are rare and minimal. These properties are also guaranteed in the case of the TD branch building, especially as the materials used in the construction process have been provided by our own workshop. The goal of both the client and the contractor is usually to pre-fabricate materials in the facilities of the contractor which, in turn, yields smaller construction costs and shorter construction times.