The research team at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have come up with a new type of coating material that could drastically improve steel performance in case of fire and also reduce the costs as well as the time required to apply protection in the first place.

The major advantage of the new coating material, called FiroShield, lies in the fact that it is much easier to apply as its application will not steel surfaces to be sandblasted first. The low density of the coating material also enables it to be used as paint as well and be applied by a regular spray gun. The material does not come in one color only either, so it is possible to use as a protective layer and to improve the looks of the building.

The scientists who worked on the project also say that the material will need to be applied in five layers in order to ensure full protection instead of the double-digit number of layers required with currently used materials.

To remind, the industry standard for fire protection in case of fire in steel structures dictates that the steel beams should be able to endure for two hours before finally buckling under their weight, giving the occupants time to evacuate safely.